About Us

Cheburechnaya is an international restaurant with recipes from Russian and Middle Eastern cultures. Our restaurant is located at the Heart of Queens

IsakOur History

Isak and Simon are two brothers and owners of Cheburechnaya who have been waiters in restaurants, such as Cheburechnaya, since they were fourteen years old in their homeland Dushanbe, Tajikistan. They learned the recopies from their grandmother who was a chef for most of her life. When the two brothers came to New York they continued their work as waiters at random restaurants.

After some time Isak made a few chebureks, deep fried dough stuffed with either meat, mushrooms, potatoes, or cabbage, for a friend who never tasted such delicacy. Than he made more chebureks for his friends and family who never tasted such tasty food. As he made more and more chebureks for his friends and family the word got around about the tasty crunchy appetizer. As the word spread, Isak decided to open a place where many people can share the taste.

Since May of 2002 Cheburechnaya has captured the hearts and tastes of many people around the Tri State area, even people from other countries who are visiting New York for the first time. The beginning of Cheburechnaya was a narrow hallway of no more than ten tables which could fit no more than forty people. Thanks to the support of the customers and friends Cheburechnaya has grown three times than what it stated with.